Caption: images: Ieva Miseviciutė, ‘Tongue PhD’, performance, CAC/Arts Printing House, Vilnius, 4 June 2015. Photography: Andrej Vasilenko/CAC Vilnius.
7pm / Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius / presented at Black Room of Arts Printing House, Vilnius

Tongue PhD by Ieva Misevičiūtė is an eclectic stage performance structured in the format of a PhD dissertation. Its ten chapters each investigate a different metaphoric lens of the tongue.

Contemporary art critic and curator Natalia Valencia wrote in the French magazine Crash in December 2015: “A practicing clown in her youth, and later trained in various techniques such as Butoh, physical theater, dance, stand-up and every imaginable in-between, Misevičiūtė’s acts distort social characters and behaviours by imbuing them with animality, existential contortions, philosophical slapstick, and hallucinogenic cleverness.“ The article appeared in the column 10 Up and Coming Artists From The Americas; that same year the leading international art magazine Artforum listed Misevičiūtė in the performance chapter of Best of 2015

“The tongue bares the memory of the animal, the instinctual, but also is the main tool with which we express our humanness,” read presentation of the piece in the programme of Playground festival. “Ieva Misevičiūtė, Master in Political Science, Master in Cultural Analysis, will finally get her PhD, in one hour, right in front of you, granted by her tongue!”

Concept, text, choreography and stage design: Ieva Misevičiūtė
Artistic advisor, Outside eye, Butoh training and Movement development: Vangeline
Producers and coordinators: Monika Lipšic and Maaike Gouwenberg
Light design: Eugenijus Sabaliauskas
Sound composer: Gediminas Žygus
Music: Gediminas Žygus, Sebastian Butt and Charlie Murray
Costume: threeASFOUR
Script co-writer: Michael Portnoy
Scenography development: Arts Centre Buda
Duration: 1 hour