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Caption: images: Wrixling.com by Michael Portnoy
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A new form of one-on-one, online Participatory-Psychic-Scrambling! The process is one part co-scripted fever dream, two parts disorientation massage, three parts abstract therapy, and a pinch of schizo-LARP. Wrixling was created to re-scale, off-rail, and side-soup that negligible entity formerly known as “self.”

Participants are invited to register for a private, 25 minute-long videochat session with one of six Directors of Behavior. Each Director is highly trained in the techniques of Wrixling, as well as individual specialties including Gender Terracing, Transcursive Drawl and the Empathic Spittoon.

During the session, the Participant will co-operate upon their (im)personal histories, lingo-scaffolds, ancestral-fields, and fetish-nodes through a series of high-level language games and world-bending exercises. The results? We have no idea! But here is what Wrixlers have to say…

“Hyper-paced! Tropospherically-unsettling! Obscenely utopic!”

“Therapy is to Wrixling like looking at art is to having art call all the contacts on your cellphone and tell them that you’re obsessed with fish mirrors and revolving aprons.”

“For many years, I couldn’t stand what passed for conversation. And then I discovered Wrixling…”

“When life gets confusing, we get confusinginger.”

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Author: Michael Portnoy | Wrixling